The Common Room's Heritage Enrichment module for apprentices uses materials from our archive of industrial heritage, to enrich apprentices' current learning experience and instil pride in North East engineering.

Through practical challenges, site visits, visiting experts and more, apprentices will develop their engineering skills and gain an appreciation of the significance of the region's heritage and the role they play in the future of the North East.

Engineering apprentices use archive collections for Heritage Enrichment Programme

In 2019, 54 apprentices from NA College in Washington were our first group to complete our Heritage Enrichment module, using CAD tools to build scale replicas of winding gears and pit heads from St. Hilda's Pit Head in South Shields

“Skills shortages are at a critical point for the region’s engineering sector. Working with The Common Room to delve deep into our industrial heritage through this bespoke engineering Heritage Enrichment module, we can instil pride in our young engineering apprentices and broaden their awareness of why the North East was and continues to be a centre of excellence in engineering.”

Paul Robson, Chairman of NA College

“NA College recognised the significant impact that learning about our region’s industrial heritage can have on the apprentices of today and how valuable it is to give them the opportunity to access some of the wealth of information, drawings and records which we hold in our archive. Seeing how the apprentices have really gained a sense of pride in entering into an industry with such a rich history has been fantastic.”

Liz Mayes, Chief Executive of the Common Room

Computer Aided Design (CAD) of pit headgear

If you are interested in having your apprentices take part in our Heritage Enrichment Module, please do get in touch