Railways, geology and more

The collections also cover the development of the railways, geology and the social, economic and cultural history of the mining industry.

More than just books

As well as over 35,000 printed books, we hold unique archives including photographs, manuscripts, maps, objects, underground plans and more!

Digitising and conserving the collections

To enable worldwide access to this important collection we are working on a programme of digitisation thanks to our funders and our fantastic volunteers. Our full online portal will be available in 2021 and will offer a searchable database of all of our digitised material.

Collection highlights

Hartley Silver Medal

These medals were presented to the rescuers at the New Hartley Disaster (1862).

Colliery Guardian

We hold an almost complete run of Colliery Guardian which we are digitising for online access

Hocus Pocus

This poem shows the controversy at the time over the inventor of the safety lamp.

Early railways of the Derwent Valley

A recent publication by NEIMME member, Les Turnbull. Copies available for sale from The Common Room.

Tom Lamb's Sketchbooks

Detailed pencil drawings created underground which vividly capture the experience of being a miner.

Select Committee on Accidents in Mines 1835

Read George Stephenson's own words describing his life as a civil engineer.

A map of the Northern coalfields

T. Y. Hall's Map of the Great Northern Coalfield

Published within NEIMME's transactions, this shows the extent of the coalfields in 1854.

Plan of William Pit Rotative Engine

The collection includes many engineering drawings illustrating new innovations in machinery.

Volunteer with us

Our volunteers make this digitisation programme possible! Not just on site here in Newcastle but all around the world doing transcription and proof reading. Contact us if you can spare a few hours a week.

The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers

The collections were originally acquired by NEIMME who have gifted them to The Common Room to be housed, conserved and protected for the future.

Collections enquiries

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