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Graft and Glory exhibition showing artefacts and information panels

Graft & Glory

Graft & Glory is our travelling exhibition which tells the story of our region’s engineers. They invented, innovated and campaigned to make mining safer, not only in the North East, but also around the world. It is the story of our region’s graft and glory: our responses to challenges facing industry, past, present and future.

Virtual Exhibition

Explore our Graft & Glory Exhibition from the comfort of your own home and unearth our industrial heritage. Our exhibition is best explored on laptop, desktop or tablet devices. Use our Superheroes Activity Sheet to help you find out fun facts from our engineering Superheroes.

Photo of Graft and Glory exhibition showing panels on Coal energy and Women in engineering

Currently at:
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle (Stephenson Quarter)

Venue information
Photo of Crowne Plaza Newcastle at night

What did you think?

"Graft & Glory is a really interesting and informative exhibition - and in such a great setting at Tanfield Railway. Great to see a well thought out display celebrating the important industrial heritage of the North East."

Susan Mackall, Land of Oak & Iron

"The exhibited artefact (a large brass Fireman’s helmet) sparked an inspiring debate between a small child and his grandad. They were discussing the design of the helmet and how useful it would be as protection in a fire (e.g. it would get very hot, why was it shiny?) The conversation was short but it showed how something from the past can inspire a conversation today and to think creatively about design and purpose and functionality."

Ednie Wilson, St Mary's Heritage Centre

"From my background working in the engineering sector I understand the importance of sharing this heritage to different audiences to inspire them to go into engineering. The exhibition brings together different elements of the region’s heritage and I enjoyed chatting about this with one of the volunteers."

Alison Reynolds, Strategic Human Resources and Organisational Development Consultant

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