Engineering Challenges

In these challenges, have a go at building something and then testing your creation. Don't worry if it doesn't work first time! Can you improve your design, or choose better materials?



Coal Mine Rescue

Wheeled Vehicle

Ideas for Wheeled Vehicle Challenge

Here are some ideas of how to power your wheeled vehicle (adding power is a bonus challenge!). These are all external links and are just some of Susan’s favourites to get you started!

Balloon cars: Number 5 on promo video, for a fantastic book

Balloon cars: Video of the same design but without learning about the brilliant investigating and questioning skills that are in the book

Elastic band cars: Pdf of instructions

Elastic band cars: 10 minute video explanation

Creative Challenges

We challenge your creativity in these videos - what can you make?

Stained-Glass Window


Make a Map

Digital Challenges

Two different challenges - one is about exploring where you live online and the other is about using 3D software, which is something that engineers, architects and designers use all the time.

Explore Maps

3D Computer Challenge

Mystery Artefact Challenges

Put your detective hats on and see what you can work out (or guess!) about mystery artefacts (old objects) from our heritage collection.

Week 10 Artefact

Week 12 Artefact

Week 14 Artefact

These ones are more tricky!

Week 6 Artefact (Tricky)

Bonus Artefact (Tricky)

Week 8 Artefact (Very Tricky)

Library Challenge

This challenge has lots of different options for activities that you could do!

Hall Of Fame

See what other people have made for our challenges - aren't they fantastic!? Could your engineering feature here? It's not too late to share your creations with us on social media - just tag us and use #CommonGoodChallenge