'Chemistry is like Magic' Episode One - Introducing Joyce Belny-Mellinger

In this episode, Ngunan chats to Joyce Belny-Mellinger, Chemical Engineer and Managing Director of retail fashion business, 'Haus of Juicy'. In this episode, Joyce explains that studying chemistry at school, combined with a love of the arts, inspired her to pursue a career in chemical engineering and textile technology.

'I don’t think there is a greater legacy you can leave' Episode Two - Introducing Sophie Harker

In this episode, Ngunan chats to Sophie Harker, Senior Aerospace Engineer BAE Systems. In this episode Sophie explains how meeting Dr Helen Sharman (first British Astronaut in space) when she was 19 years old, combined with her love of space inspired her to go on to study mathematics and pursue a career in engineering.

‘Girls do have choices’ Episode Three – Introducing Dr Ozak Esu

In this episode, Ngunan chats to Dr Ozak Esu, Smart Assets Lead at BRE. In this episode Ozak explains how her love of watching television as a child combined with an annoyance at power cuts in her home country of Nigeria inspired her to become a chartered electronic and electrical engineer in the construction sector.


We have spoken to some incredible women, keep checking back here for our weekly episodes. Episode one will be launched on February 16th.

This podcast series features the following:

Episode 1: Joyce Belny-Mellinger

Episode 2: Sophie Harker

Episode 3: Dr Ozak Esu

Episode 4: Dr Yewande Akinola

Episode 5: Ying Wan Loh

Episode 6: Dr Shrouk El Attar

Episode 7: Cristina Steliana Mihailovici

Episode 8: Dr Ibilola Amao

Episode 9: Laura Hoang

Episode 10: Gina Baker

Episode 11: Halimatu Abubaker

Episode 12: Krystina Pearson Rampeearee

Episode 13: Nike Folayan

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About our host

Meet Ngunan Adamu, CEO and Founder of iWoman, and BBC Mersyside Radio Presenter. Ngunan began working with The Common Room last year, consulting on diversifying voices. She is using her wealth of experience in media and journalism to interview female engineers for this podcast series. The work Ngunan and The Common Room are carrying out involves exploring the diversity of modern-day voices and the role-models we celebrate. Together, we aim to inspire young people from all backgrounds to pursue careers in engineering -focussing in on stories of innovation.

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